Top 5 Mistakes you should avoid during Rowing Machine Workouts

It is very easy to make a few mistakes on your rowing machines the first few times you use it. But leaving the machine due to sheer embarrassment in front of peers after a few tries is a strict no. Rowing machines are quite useful when you have to lose weight. It focuses on your whole body workout… Read More »

Best buying guidelines to get boxers for men – fitting, comfort and luxury

There are very few people who know well how to buy a boxer which fits the purpose and even though it doesn’t compromise with the quality and comfort level. Here you will find some of the most important parameters depending on which you can select the best and most suitable boxer, owing to the needs and purpose it… Read More »

Teachers’ strike to go ahead after High Court rejects Government’s injunction

Sixth-form teachers in England will walk out for one day on Tuesday over “inadequate funding” in sixth-form colleges. The High Court refused to grant the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, an injunction to stop it going ahead – ruling instead that it was lawful. The Government argued the strike was “based on political grounds and not a… Read More »

Universities who censor student media pose as great a threat to free speech as ‘safe spaces’, warns Peter Tatchell

University officials who censor student journalists pose as great a threat to free speech as controversial “safe space” policies, a leading activist has said. A freedom of expression row has erupted at University College London (UCL) after The Independent revealed that the institution had been accused of threatening and intimidating one of its student reporters. Rebecca Pinnington, 21,… Read More »

Scottish universities should lower entry grades for poorer students

Scottish universities should lower entry grades for poorer students in a bid to tackle elitism, according to a major new report. The report recommends students from disadvantaged backgrounds should be able to gain places on courses with the “minimum” academic standards needed to complete a degree. Published by the Scottish government’s Commission on Widening Access, the Blueprint for Fairness report said action was required for poor… Read More »

The best way children for children to learn is through playing, says Lego

The Lego foundation has launched a campaign to change young children’s education by encouraging play. The Danish toy manufacturer believes formal education at a young age can be a hindrance and its education branch-off charity, Lego Foundation, suggests children should learn mainly through play “until the age of eight”. Hanne Rasmussen, head of the Lego Foundation, said: “Both in… Read More »

School days to become longer as all schools forced to become academies

Moves to force every English state school to leave council control and become an academy within six years will be set out by George Osborne in a Budget designed to “put the next generation first”. The Chancellor will also announce an initiative to enable thousands of head teachers to scrap schools’ traditional “home time” of 3.30pm and stay… Read More »

Maths lessons could become compulsory for all pupils up to age of 18

Maths lessons could become compulsory for all pupils up until the age of 18. Chancellor George Osborne announced the setting up of a review to determine whether the subject should be studied by all children until they leave education as part of a blueprint to ensure the next generation gets the “best start” in life for employment. In… Read More »

Immigrant children in Sweden blamed for country’s poor test scores

An increase in the number of immigrant children has been blamed for Sweden’s lower test score results in education league tables. A report by the government-run Swedish Education Agency said more resources were needed for schools with large numbers of pupils who are immigrants or who have two immigrant parents. It said immigrant children were 85 per cent accountable for a four-per-cent increase in the… Read More »

Parent governor role to be scrapped from schools in a bid to attract fewer amateurs

The role of parent governor is to be scrapped from school governing bodies in favour of professionals with the “right skills”. Instead, the Government announced a new emphasis on the skills the individual brings to the school governing body. The Government’s education white paper, published on Thursday, says the places reserved for elected parents on school governing bodies will… Read More »