Microsoft’s Home Hub for Windows 10 to Make Cortana Rival Amazon Echo and Google Home: Report

Last month, Google started shipping its Google Home smart speaker, which is direct rival to Amazon’s Echo speaker, and allows users to perform various tasks using just their voice commands. A recent report by Bloomberg has also claimed that Apple is working on a similar device that has already entered testing phase. Following the lead of other giants,… Read More »

Over 99 Percent of Fake Apple Chargers Fail to Pass Basic Safety Tests: Report

Among smartphone manufacturers, Apple might be the most popular name around the world. However, along with this privilege, the company has to deal with the added burden of imposters who try to benefit by fraudulently selling products in the company’s name. Now, a new study has found out that 99 percent of the fake Apple chargers that were… Read More »

Facebook ‘Collections’ to Bring Curated Partner Content to News Feed, Similar to Snapchat Discover: Report

In the war of social media platforms, we have reached a point where it is becoming hard to distinguish which features are exclusive to any particular platform. Every platform is now borrowing the best features from its rivals, in an attempt to attract audiences. In what seems like a continuation of this trend, Facebook is reportedly working a… Read More »

Nintendo Switch to Use USB Type-C Charging According to Retailer

The Nintendo Switch may not have an exact price or release date yet, but that hasn’t stopped EB Games Australia from listing accessories for the console. One such accessory is a USB C charging cable for the device under the @play brand. “USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable compatible with the Nintendo Switch Console,” the description on EB Games’… Read More »

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals and tariffs for Black Friday 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been out for a while and in the light of the Note 7 battery saga all the major UK networks are really rather desperate to sell you one (in case you wondered, the S7 is perfectly safe and has had no problems). The team has searched all of the UK networks and… Read More »

The very best iPad Air 2 deals for Black Friday 2016

The iPad Air 2 is the best-value tablet on the planet these days. It’s slim, powerful and miles better than most Android tablets at pretty much everything, whether that’s productivity, playing games or just surfing the web. Yes, we know it’s slightly old now, but it hasn’t aged – the only thing that’s changed is the iPad Air… Read More »

Skullcandy Launches Barricade Series of Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speakers Starting Rs. 3,499

Skullcandy on Monday launched ‘Barricade’ series of water-resistant Bluetooth speakers for India, which will be available in three sizes, i.e. Barricade Mini, Barricade, and Barricade XL. The Barricade Mini and Barricade are already available online as well as with select retailers throughout the country, however, Barricade XL will be made available this ‘holiday season’ by the company. “The… Read More »

Black Friday 2016: Sony Teases PS4 Digital Deals With Upto 60 Percent Off

The Xbox One isn’t the only current generation console with a Black Friday sale. Sony has released a teaser for upcoming deals on the PlayStation Store — the company’s digital games storefront. According to a page on its website, Sony’s Black Friday sale will take place from November 24. There’s a teaser video as well which ends with… Read More »

iPhone 8 Tipped to Sport a Bezel-Less Curved Display

The iPhone will celebrate its ten-year anniversary next year. To commemorate the big milestone, Apple is said to be making big changes, including skipping the ‘s’ nomenclature to move directly to the iPhone 8. As always, the rumours have started to pick up pace, and the latest one brings exciting design changes. The iPhone 8 is now tipped… Read More »

Facebook’s Messenger Rooms in Testing, Lets You Chat With Strangers on a Topic

Facebook is set to launch a new feature which will let you chat with anyone on a specific topic. The new feature, dubbed Rooms, will be rolled out to limited users in few countries and will be part of Messenger. It is said to be a “bulletin board-style and real-time messaging” feature. Multiple reports point that the Messenger… Read More »