Awesome Microsoft Office 365 Features You Might Not Know About

By | January 12, 2017

 Microsoft released a system called Office 365 — the cloud version of the Office programs you know and love. There are 3 subscription levels — Home, Personal, and Business Edition — and each can be paid for monthly or annually. What is unique about the system is it is a cloud software that you install on your PC or laptops so that any update on the cloud system can also be featured on the programs already installed on your PC and laptop.

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Office 365 definitely works seamlessly with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and all the other Microsoft programs. But few seem to know how to maximise their Office 365 subscription and miss out on all the benefits and features that it has to offer. Here we list down all the awesome things you can do with the Office 365 system that you probably do not know about.


Multiple people can edit a document at the same time

The great thing about the Office 365 cloud system is people can huddle on a single document together and edit at the same time. This works for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. So say your company needs to present a proposal to a potential partner, and a specific department is tasked to start the presentation. You can access the document at the same time as the whole department so that you can correct or edit certain parts of it in real time.


Another awesome feature is being able to use Skype while you are editing a document. It makes it easier for you to relay to the team why certain parts of the document need to be edited, final instructions, and more.


Link files instead of attaching them

It is sometimes frustrating when we need to send our colleagues important files via email, but it would not attach because the files are simply too big. With the Office 365 cloud system, not only are you able to save the files in an accessible cloud folder, but you can also just put the link in the email and it will automatically grant the person you are emailing viewing and editing privileges.


You can also choose to password-protect certain files on the cloud so that confidential files that some people in the company should not be able to view will not be opened by them.


You can toggle between multiple Microsoft cloud storage using the app

A lot of cloud systems offer mobile apps for people who are on-the-go, but Office 365 allows you to use multiple Microsoft cloud accounts in one app. Just sign in both accounts and toggle between the two of them. Moreover, if you are traveling without any access to Microsoft Office, you can access Office 365 files on any web browser.


Email inbox can be taught to declutter itself

Microsoft and other tech companies have been looking into machine learning and how to use it to sift through messages and see which ones are spam. Microsoft has something that is called Clutter, and what it does is it follows the rules you have set for the email and applies it to your account. You can then train the system by marketing messages as clutter. Soon after, the system will move messages that are not important into the Clutter folder where you can view them at a later time or delete entirely.


There are many great benefits to Office 365, and for sure, using it will not only make work easy but it will also make everyone more efficient.