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Exam marking reforms will cost pupils their university places, headteachers say

More pupils will miss out on university places because of mis-marked A-levels as a result of proposed reforms to the exam marking system, headteachers have warned. Heads of state and private schools have taken the rare step of uniting to condemn proposals that the exam regulator Ofqual claims will help address concerns about re-marking procedures.… Read More »

Students’ obsession with ‘online image’ shouldn’t be a determinant factor on how they fit into society

The summer holiday gap motivates students to change their online profiles ahead of joining a university group. A pre-judgement commences in these groups, not only from others, but yourself. This obsession with ‘online image’ is who we aspire to be, despite us all knowing it isn’t a realistic perception. Therefore, it is perhaps the effort… Read More »

Software warns users about revealing sensitive personal information

University of Alabama in Huntsville researchers are seeing potential in a software application that could effectively warn users when they are about to give away sensitive personal information online. Dr. Frank Zhu, a computer science associate professor, and Dr. Sandra Carpenter, a psychology professor, say the software, originally developed to adapt eye recognition equipment for… Read More »

Anti-Trump Protesters: Patchwork Of People And Facebook Pages

Donald Trump has called them thugs, professional organizers and supporters of Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders. But the protesters who have stepped up their actions against the Republican presidential front-runner are a disparate group from different walks of life, with no national organization to speak of. They assemble through a patchwork of Facebook pages and… Read More »