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Microsoft ends work on ‘Fable Legends’ video game

Microsoft on Monday announced it has stopped work on the long-delayed “Fable Legends” action video game and is mulling the closure of the British-based studio that was handling the project. Microsoft decided to cancel “Fable Legends” and is talking to employees about potentially closing Lionhead Studios in Britain, Microsoft Studios Europe general manager Hanno Lemke… Read More »

Microsoft wraps up SwiftKey purchase in move on Android, iOS

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of SwiftKey, which gives Redmond a popular iOS and Android keyboard, predictive technology, and complementary research into artificial intelligence. Microsoft announced the plan to acquire London-headquartered SwiftKey in February, signalling it would integrate its technology into other Microsoft products, including its own Word Flow keyboard, which is being developed for… Read More »

Sony Sees Average Selling Price of Smartphones Rise, Second Only to Apple

According to a blog post by freelance journalist Charles Arthur that estimates global smartphone sales figures in Q4 last year, Sony has the highest average selling price (ASP) for its smartphones – only behind Apple. Average selling price for a smartphone manufacturer represents the average price at which it sells its current smartphone lineup. In… Read More »

Microsoft opens its online gates, wants to share multiplayer with other consoles

Nope, it’s not 1 April either. Microsoft really has essentially opened up its online infrastructures to Sony and the like in the hopes of fostering a huge cross-platform network. Of course, Sony has responded or agreed to anything, but considering how much of an unexpected and humble move this is, it would an uncharacteristically unsavvy… Read More »