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Why Android users hate apps

Why so little money? The question of why Android users pay, on average, less for apps than iOS users is relatively easy to answer. An iPhone is a very expensive device, meaning Apple owners are more likely to have more disposable income. Android users with lower-end devices may have less money to throw around or might… Read More »

Google to devs: Give Android apps an iPhone-style makeover with bottom navigation bars

Android apps could soon start looking more like iOS ones, with Google introducing ‘bottom-bar navigation’ to its Material Design specs for smartphone displays. Bottom-bar navigation has appeared in recent updates to Google+ and Photos on Android, and its introduction in Google’s design guidance should result in its becoming more of a standard across all Android… Read More »

Dual camera for iPhone 7 Plus allegedly revealed

Apple’s expected iPhone 7 Plus will sport two cameras, assuming the latest series of leaked photos are legit. A batch of photos leaked on several Taiwanese websites and displayed collectively by blog site Pocketnow show six different modules allegedly to be used as a dual-camera system in this year’s larger-screened iPhone. Cited by Pocketnow as… Read More »

Apple says Constitution ‘forbids’ what FBI is asking

Apple shouldn’t have to comply with a search order for an iPhone used by one the San Bernardino, California, terrorists because the Constitution forbids it, the company said Tuesday. In a reply to a Department of Justice filing from Thursday, Apple said that the All Writs Acts — the 227-year-old law invoked to compel Apple… Read More »