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Why Android users hate apps

Why so little money? The question of why Android users pay, on average, less for apps than iOS users is relatively easy to answer. An iPhone is a very expensive device, meaning Apple owners are more likely to have more disposable income. Android users with lower-end devices may have less money to throw around or might… Read More »

Facebook at Work: What is it?

Simplicity that makes your job easier Imagine having the simplicity and familiarity of Facebook messaging and sharing at work. It would make things at the office much smoother. It would be easier for you do your job because disconnected communication systems aren’t tripping you up. New employees would need less training because they are already familiar with Facebook and… Read More »

Nokia malware report shows smartphones now account for 60% of infections in the mobile network

Nokia Security Center Berlin, powered by Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab, today released research findings showing that in the mobile networks, smartphones pulled ahead of Windows-based computers and laptops, now accounting for 60% of the malware activity observed in the mobile space. The Nokia Threat Intelligence Report also reveals an increase in iOS-based malware, growing sophistication… Read More »

Microsoft wraps up SwiftKey purchase in move on Android, iOS

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of SwiftKey, which gives Redmond a popular iOS and Android keyboard, predictive technology, and complementary research into artificial intelligence. Microsoft announced the plan to acquire London-headquartered SwiftKey in February, signalling it would integrate its technology into other Microsoft products, including its own Word Flow keyboard, which is being developed for… Read More »

Google to devs: Give Android apps an iPhone-style makeover with bottom navigation bars

Android apps could soon start looking more like iOS ones, with Google introducing ‘bottom-bar navigation’ to its Material Design specs for smartphone displays. Bottom-bar navigation has appeared in recent updates to Google+ and Photos on Android, and its introduction in Google’s design guidance should result in its becoming more of a standard across all Android… Read More »

3 apps that are plotting world domination

Uber While we have public transportation systems in place, and they work well (honestly!), Uber envisions an alternative: privatized mass transit that basically operates over current public routes and services. The main difference is that it’s more customized to meet demand and its a bit cleaner and nicer than riding the subway or the bus. Uber… Read More »