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Google Now to work offline in future?

Google engineers are reportedly looking at making Android’s speech recognition-based assistant– Google Now—to work without internet connectivity. According to a recent research paper, engineers have showcased a solution to harvest deep machine learning technology to run a lighter version a Google Now-like assistant offline. With decent internet speeds being a major problem in India, this solution… Read More »

With Boxmate malicious programs have no place left to hide

No matter how well-tested our software may be, hackers keep on finding vulnerabilities to exploit or control systems at will. “The attackers are always one step ahead,” says Andreas Zeller, professor of computer science at Saarland University and researcher at the Center for IT Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA). “The core problem of existing security… Read More »

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Team Maps Earth To Beam Internet Access To All

Social networking giant Facebook is using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology and resources to map the entire Earth and launch the world’s most detailed population maps that will help it beam cheap internet to remote areas. To begin with, the Facebook AI team crunched 14.6 billion images of maps from across 20 countries, including India,… Read More »