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Poll: what will Android N be called?

Internally, Google has a codename that it uses to refer to its new Android versions. These are usually leaked before the release of the commercial name through appearances in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository. They come in the form of three letter acronyms that stand for a dessert. The Google codename for Android KitKat was ‘Key Lime… Read More »

Google Now to work offline in future?

Google engineers are reportedly looking at making Android’s speech recognition-based assistant– Google Now—to work without internet connectivity. According to a recent research paper, engineers have showcased a solution to harvest deep machine learning technology to run a lighter version a Google Now-like assistant offline. With decent internet speeds being a major problem in India, this solution… Read More »

Google squishes more critical Android bugs: Nexus, BB Priv patches ready

Google has fixed 19 bugs in Android in its March update, including two remote code-execution bugs in its problematic and privileged Mediaserver service. Mediaserver, often blamed for battery drain on Android devices, is yet again the source of the worst flaws affecting up-to-date Android devices. The core component of Android has turned up critical flaws… Read More »