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Facebook at Work: What is it?

Simplicity that makes your job easier Imagine having the simplicity and familiarity of Facebook messaging and sharing at work. It would make things at the office much smoother. It would be easier for you do your job because disconnected communication systems aren’t tripping you up. New employees would need less training because they are already familiar with Facebook and… Read More »

Students’ obsession with ‘online image’ shouldn’t be a determinant factor on how they fit into society

The summer holiday gap motivates students to change their online profiles ahead of joining a university group. A pre-judgement commences in these groups, not only from others, but yourself. This obsession with ‘online image’ is who we aspire to be, despite us all knowing it isn’t a realistic perception. Therefore, it is perhaps the effort… Read More »

Cambodia jails student over Facebook post

A Cambodian university student has been jailed for 18 months for asking the public to join his “colour revolution” and inciting crimes in an anti-government Facebook post. The man, identified as 24-year-old Kong Raya, is the first Cambodian convicted of using social media to attack Prime Minister’s Hun Sen’s government, who has issued warnings that… Read More »

1 million porn videos on Instagram hidden in Arabic hashtags

Pornographic photos and videos are not allowed on photo-sharing app Instagram, but users have found a way to subvert the ban. Technology blogger Jed Ismael discovered pornographic materialon the Facebook-owned app while looking for the term ‘movies’ in Arabic. Instead of movies, he came across pornographic clips and images, which do not come with any… Read More »