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AMD shows off next-generation Polaris 10 GPU, architecture roadmap at GDC 2016

During AMD’s GDC 2016 keynote, the company showed off a next-generation GPU from their upcoming Polaris line. Known as the Polaris 10, this new GPU is built using a 14nm FinFET manufacturing process, and fully supports emerging technologies like DirectX 12 and virtual reality. The showcase at GDC involved Hitman running at 1440p, 60 FPS,… Read More »

AMD, Nvidia evenly matched in The Division, first game-ready Nvidia drivers problematic

Ubisoft’s The Division launched yesterday, with a raft of server problems and at least one report of hilarious, doorway-related griefing (hilarious if you aren’t trying to play, at least). Performance issues, however, don’t seem to be among the game’s problems. Data from PCGames Hardware shows AMD and Nvidia trading shots across the spectrum. While the overclocked… Read More »

AMD launches XConnect, partners with Intel, Razer to drive desktop gaming on laptops

When it comes to gaming, laptop owners have always been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thin and light systems often portability and convenience, but limited gaming performance. Larger, desktop-replacement systems offer more than enough firepower for gaming, but are typically heavy and fall into the category of “transportable” rather than portable. The… Read More »