Looking For The Best Data Recovery Software? Choose EaseUS!

By | June 28, 2017

Data loss

Data loss is an unexpected condition that occurs due to system crash, virus attack, deletion of partition, RAW partition, accidental deletion, disasters, hard drive failures, power issues etc. As data loss is a common situation, data recovery is also common. The only way to get back the lost data and files is data recovery.

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of restoring or saving lost data from ruined or inaccessible or broken or failed secondary storage media that cannot be retrieved. There are different external and internal devices that data can be recovered from, such as solid state drives SSD, internal and external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and other forms of secondary storage devices. Nowadays, most of the companies and people rely on having their information available, and when something happens to that it needs to be recovered.

To fulfill this need, people and companies use data recovery software. Data recovery software is nothing but a tool that is used for data recovery process. Different companies offer data recovery tools in the form of packages to the users. EaseUS is a company that offers best data recovery software in the form of wizard called as EaseUS data recovery wizard

Things about EaseUS

EaseUS is one of the best data recovery software on the market. It contains all the necessary features for good data recovery software such as extensive feature set, ease of use, effective recovery, and support. This recovery wizard will recover lost email and can restore from an unbootable hard drive. Also, it is able to perform recycle bin recovery that is, it restores lost files even if they are deleted from the recycle bin.

Types of files it recovers

This free data recovery software can recover different file types such as a document file, an image file, an audio file or a video file, email, zip file, graphics etc

Easy-to-understand layout

Not like other data recovery software, EasUS has a simple design which is easily understood by the users.  The simple interface of this software makes recovery process easy.

Data recovery through simple steps

As it has a wizard-oriented interface, it involves only three simple steps to recover files. Also, EaseUS data recovery software is free of bugs and virus.

Quick performance

This data recovery software does not slow down the system performance and it does not make the recovery process too hard to execute. Users can execute their data recovery process quickly thus EaseUS is faster and saves user’s time.

Search filter

This software allows the users to filter their search result based on options like file name, file type and the date it is created etc. This helps the users to get their needed file quickly

 Two different scan modes

It contains two different scan modes for searching the files such as quick and deep scan. Users can get their lost files quickly in quick scan mode and if they want to perform a detailed scan they can use deep scan mode. On the whole, this software is best for all data recovery

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