comparing tech companies of US and China

By | July 7, 2017

Technology companies from the US are one of the most advanced that are available in the market. Even companies such as Google have been making technology that was only left to our imagination in the past. Things such as virtual reality and three-dimensional games and movies were not even thought of possible before but today they are widely sold in the market. However, for China, some of this technology is not available. Websites such as facebook, twitter, and google are not accessible in China which is why there are local versions which also has a lot of potentials.

The China and the US, two of the biggest economies definitely have a lot to offer when it comes to technology. From mobile phones, desktops, and laptops, companies from respective countries pose a threat to one another. Even the iPhone which is one of the best selling mobile phones which is manufactured in China already has a contender that is made by a Chinese company. However, one of the things that are important to consider the tech companies from both countries is that they are not necessarily in competition with one another. Even if Facebook, google, and twitter are known worldwide since it is not available in China then it could not be considered as competition for their counterparts such as Baidu, Renren, and Youku.

One of the advantages China has when it comes to its big-time tech companies is that the ones who made it had the vision of such websites and products only catering to Chinese as opposed to Facebook and other websites which target everyone. Since it is focused on China then there is no difficulty when it comes to translation and it could further adjust to the interests of its users. A lot of its content could also feature what the Chinese users find interesting such as issues and news within the country. In fact, one of the news about Nanking was found on a Chinese website which helped get the attention of a lot of people.

Comparing whether tech companies from the US and China may not be necessary since they cater to different markets except of course for those companies which compete in the global market such as in mobile phones, laptops, desktops and other gadgets. Some people might say that a lot of Chinese products are only imitations however it is hard to ignore the attention these products are getting. If they are simple imitations that have not much to offer then they would not even draw much attention in the first place. The aggressive position that Chinese tech companies are taking when it comes to releasing new products has been effective considering that a lot of Chinese brands are already well known not only in technology but also in automobiles.

In the end, when you take a look at companies from the US and China, the ones from the US may seem like they are still far ahead when it comes to progress but Chinese companies are definitely not far behind. Issues such as reliability and product life might be an issue for Chinese products but it may not be true for all. Some of the big time companies have even penetrated the US markets by buying portions of huge US companies such is the case with Haier, a company from China, acquiring the appliance division of General Electric. Even if Chinese companies may not have the technology they still have the money to get to the position they need in order to be a player in the market. There is still a lot of ground to cover for Chinese companies but they are definitely to look out for.


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