By | May 15, 2017

Many of the people who use steroids to help them workout or get those muscles do not reveal where they get their stuff or about using them. So go to the extent of telling that it’s all natural and the gain through years and years of hard work.

It is hard work but all of it not natural, most or you could say 99% of the people use steroids to bulk up and lose fat. It is true that only using steroids will give great body, even special working out sessions and diet play vital role.


Professional bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts all vie for that special stage where the every part of the body is taut and toned with each flexing.

Clenbuterol over the years has been a definite choice for cutting fat and building muscle. This steroid is. It openly available in the market. It is a prescription drug and controlled drug coming under schedule lV. It is a clearly a banned drug in the sporting world and many sportsman have been tested positive and fined, banned and even stripped off their medals.

Buying online is the only option, it is shipped to many places but getting huge consignment to the country where it is not legal to have possession of such drugs may land you in jail with fine under the charges that you are a supplying a controlled substance inside the country. Getting smaller quantities won’t be so much of a problem. Check the cost of $1.00 per pill here.

What to do when using clen

Read the instructions on the label for dosage, storage, ingredients and contraindications.

Drink lot of fluids and keep the body hydrated, avoid sugary and fatty foods. Get enough sleep and rest. Don’t skip doses and don’t overdose. Don’t take other medications with clen.

About clen

It is a prescription drug and used for treating patients with breathing problems especially asthma. But in the body building world it is mostly used to cut fat and bring on muscle. This commonly used by females especially celebrities.

How it works

Primarily it works on the basis of breaking the cell wall of the fat cells and attacks the triglycerides which are converted into fatty acids which is fuel for other cells in the body. If this fuel is used above with the period of conversion you will definitely lose the fat in the body, if not it gets converted back and gets stored in the fat cells.


The best period of taking this tablet is no empty stomach so the as much energy can be used as mentioned above. Early mornings are the best time. Dosages depends on the beginner, regular user, male and female. Different dosages and tolerance levels depend on the dosage. That is 2-8 tablets for men and 2-4 for women.

Side effects of clen

Sleeplessness, increase in blood pressure, heart related ailments, tremors in hands, nausea, palpitations etc. If such symptoms are seen, stop the dosage immediately and seek medical help.