Poll results: Pink is not a popular smartphone color

By | March 18, 2016

rosa sony

Below you can see the results of the poll.

worst color

As you can see, about a quarter of you thought that pink was the worst smartphone color. Brown was a pretty close second with 17 percent followed by green and rose-gold with 14 and 11 percent respectively. The rest were in the single digits.

The poll didn’t ask your opinion on your favorite device color but based on the polling we could deduce that the colors you find most acceptable are blue, black and silver.

We had some great feedback from the poll participants comments. For instance, Dayle Steele pointed out that a natural brown like the leather on the back of the G4 is a good color. Giacomo Arcuri discussed the color of the Nextbit Robin (see the picture at the top of the page) as the deciding factor against purchasing the device.