Google+ Beta Update – 102 Bugs Fixed

By | March 15, 2016

If you’ve been using the sleek Google+ beta, you’ll have no doubt come across a bug or two. Hopefully with the Feb 10th update, you’ll no longer have to deal with them. According to Google’s +Luke Wroblewski, 102 bugs have been fixed. But if you still come across any, make sure to send feedback via the navigation menu.

It’s not all bug squashing though, several feature improvements have rolled out too:

  • Search for members in a Community
  • Approve or reject comments we (G+) flag as spam
  • Upload multiple images at once (from your device) to a post

Managing our Google+ Updates community can be tedious at times, especially when using the beta. Thankfully I no longer need to switch to classic to search for members in the community. Cheers, Google+ team!