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Reasons for Making Use of the Suite CRM Chat Tool Integration

To maintain your position in the market, it is very crucial for a company to be updated with latest technology and advances. Being unaware of new tools, can blunt your sales down. In every business, customer relationship management plays an important role. A CRM can be a source to automate the sales lead and review… Read More »

Dynamic detection system could protect smartphones from malicious content

The danger of acquiring a computer virus or spyware used to come with the risk of visiting the dark, sketchy corners of the Internet. But now trusted and harmless smartphone apps like MyFitnessPal and Candy Crush carry their own risks. “Even reputable apps can lead users to websites hosting malicious content,” said Yan Chen, professor… Read More »

Voice-driven games: Dialog Box supports collaborative gaming in multilingual environment

Language technologists have created the basis for a new kind of realistic communication in computer games. The Dialog Box supports collaboration and interaction between players speaking different languages. Using a space adventure game as a model, the research team led by Dietrich Klakow at Saarland University has developed the Dialog Box in cooperation with other… Read More »

Software warns users about revealing sensitive personal information

University of Alabama in Huntsville researchers are seeing potential in a software application that could effectively warn users when they are about to give away sensitive personal information online. Dr. Frank Zhu, a computer science associate professor, and Dr. Sandra Carpenter, a psychology professor, say the software, originally developed to adapt eye recognition equipment for… Read More »

Nokia malware report shows smartphones now account for 60% of infections in the mobile network

Nokia Security Center Berlin, powered by Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab, today released research findings showing that in the mobile networks, smartphones pulled ahead of Windows-based computers and laptops, now accounting for 60% of the malware activity observed in the mobile space. The Nokia Threat Intelligence Report also reveals an increase in iOS-based malware, growing sophistication… Read More »

With Boxmate malicious programs have no place left to hide

No matter how well-tested our software may be, hackers keep on finding vulnerabilities to exploit or control systems at will. “The attackers are always one step ahead,” says Andreas Zeller, professor of computer science at Saarland University and researcher at the Center for IT Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA). “The core problem of existing security… Read More »

Microsoft ends work on ‘Fable Legends’ video game

Microsoft on Monday announced it has stopped work on the long-delayed “Fable Legends” action video game and is mulling the closure of the British-based studio that was handling the project. Microsoft decided to cancel “Fable Legends” and is talking to employees about potentially closing Lionhead Studios in Britain, Microsoft Studios Europe general manager Hanno Lemke… Read More »