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Genotropin Pen Device- Easy to use and administer

There are many people who make use of Genotropin pen. It is not only quite easy and convenient to use but also allow the users to seek multi-dose options. The pen is used to mix medicines in a proper way. This way, any chances if error in mixing medicines is reduced to a minimum. Such… Read More »


Many of the people who use steroids to help them workout or get those muscles do not reveal where they get their stuff or about using them. So go to the extent of telling that it’s all natural and the gain through years and years of hard work. It is hard work but all of… Read More »

Freestyle Capital raised a new $90 million fund and promoted Jenny Lefcourt to general partner

Freestyle Capital has raised its fourth fund to invest in early-stage startups. This time around the firm is increasing the fund size to $90 million and promoting Jenny Lefcourt to general partner. Freestyle was founded by Josh Felser and Dave Samuel, serial entrepreneurs who had previously built and sold a couple of companies together. After a short period of angel investing, the… Read More »

Are you ready for the internet of toll roads?

With the appointment of Ajit Pai as the new FCC chairman and his public opposition to current regulations, the death of net neutrality is likely upon us. As a result, an internet toll road – and higher costs for more data – is probably in your future. For consumers, this will likely force the same… Read More »

London-based Forward Partners closes new £60M fund to invest in startups at idea and Seed stage

Forward Partners, the London-based VC firm originally founded by Forward Internet Group and Nic Brisbourne, has closed a new £60 million fund to continue investing in tech startups from idea to late Seed stage. Noteworthy, the new fund has a single unnamed LP. Described only as a “major institutional investor,” I understand that unlike Forward… Read More »

Mesosphere’s DC/OS adds more one-click integrations and better support for machine learning workloads

Mesosphere is launching an updated version of its DC/OS platform for running microservices and big data applications in private and public clouds. Version 1.9 of DC/OS is a significantly bigger release than the version number indicates at first glance. With this update, DC/OS users can now deploy more than 100 services with a single click. Some… Read More »

Behold the robo-fruit

Perhaps you’ve been watching the BBC’s Spy in the Wild, in which meticulously recreated robotic animals cohabitate with their fleshy brethren and record all their secret goings and doings. But haven’t you ever wondered what fruit gets up to during the long trip from its homeland to your local produce department? These robo-fruits, from Swiss… Read More »