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Fire Emblem Heroes Is Now Available for iOS and Android

While Fire Emblem Heroes – the company’s second smartphone game – will be launched in traditional markets, notable omissions in the list include untapped territories such as India and China. According to the official site for the game, the list of countries planned for the Fire Emblem Heroes launch are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria,… Read More »

Microsoft wraps up SwiftKey purchase in move on Android, iOS

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of SwiftKey, which gives Redmond a popular iOS and Android keyboard, predictive technology, and complementary research into artificial intelligence. Microsoft announced the plan to acquire London-headquartered SwiftKey in February, signalling it would integrate its technology into other Microsoft products, including its own Word Flow keyboard, which is being developed for… Read More »

Google squishes more critical Android bugs: Nexus, BB Priv patches ready

Google has fixed 19 bugs in Android in its March update, including two remote code-execution bugs in its problematic and privileged Mediaserver service. Mediaserver, often blamed for battery drain on Android devices, is yet again the source of the worst flaws affecting up-to-date Android devices. The core component of Android has turned up critical flaws… Read More »

Made in China: XGIMI projects innovation in Android entertainment

In our previous article in this series we touched on how Xiaomi, the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, is branching out and doing new and innovative things with intelligent lighting devices. However generally speaking, the overall perception of Chinese companies by American consumers is that they do not innovate — they copy the industrial designs… Read More »