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Here Appoints New CEO to Lead Mapping Company Under German Owners

Digital mapping company Here, which was bought by BMW Mercedes-Benz and Audi, has appointed Edzard Overbeek as chief executive to help Germany’s luxury carmakers develop self-driving vehicles. German carmakers clubbed

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New App to Help Locate Victims Trapped During Natural Calamities

A doctor’s initiative in harnessing technology has produced an application which can help locate a person trapped in debris in an earthquake or other disasters when communications fail. Pradeep Bhardwaj,

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Twitter Launches New Campaign to Empower Women

Taking cue from a study showcasing a prevailing male dominance over both online and offline space, social networking site Twitter recently launched #Positionofstrength campaign to empower women to raise voices

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Israeli Startup Bets on ‘Smart’ Satellite Antennas for Global Web Access

Israeli startup Skyfi is looking to outflank Facebook and Google in a race to provide worldwide Internet access by developing the first self-correcting antenna that can turn mini-satellites into powerful

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Inbox by Gmail Gets New Snooze Alerts

In order to make it simpler for users to snooze their email alerts and get back to it later, the Gmailteam last week announced two new snooze features for its

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