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Google+ Beta Update – 102 Bugs Fixed

If you’ve been using the sleek Google+ beta, you’ll have no doubt come across a bug or two. Hopefully with the Feb 10th update, you’ll no longer have to deal with them. According to Google’s +Luke Wroblewski, 102 bugs have been fixed. But if you still come across any, make sure to send feedback via the… Read More »

More Updates Roll Out For the Google+ Web Preview

Improved Profile Information Access Before, if you wanted to see more information on a certain profile (or your own), you had to click a small “i” icon in the bottom-right. Its size and obscurity made it quite difficult to notice, especially against a light-coloured cover photo. Also, those not familiar with the web preview might’ve… Read More »

Google+ Web Preview Update – March 3rd Edition

These updates make me really hopeful for the direction of the platform. It shows Google is invested to keep on their toes with everything our community wants. It’s not long now that this preview layout will be ready for the big leagues. There’s still a few missing options to incorporate and improve upon, but that’s… Read More »