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Anti-Trump Protesters: Patchwork Of People And Facebook Pages

Donald Trump has called them thugs, professional organizers and supporters of Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders. But the protesters who have stepped up their actions against the Republican presidential front-runner are a disparate group from different walks of life, with no national organization to speak of. They assemble through a patchwork of Facebook pages and… Read More »

British Newlyweds’ London Thumakda Will Give You the Hippy Hippy Shake

Get, set, groove… because this British couple’s wedding performance to London Thumakdawill literally get you thumakda too. A video, currently going viral on Facebook with almost five lakh views, shows UK newlyweds Dave and Carol putting up an out-of-this-world dance performance to Kangana Ranaut’s famous Queen track. And we’re sorry Kangana, but their routine is… Read More »

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Team Maps Earth To Beam Internet Access To All

Social networking giant Facebook is using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology and resources to map the entire Earth and launch the world’s most detailed population maps that will help it beam cheap internet to remote areas. To begin with, the Facebook AI team crunched 14.6 billion images of maps from across 20 countries, including India,… Read More »