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Piper Raspberry Pi computer kit – 18% off

The Piper Raspberry Pi computer kit contains everything you need to build a self-contained computer powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 project board, including an LCD screen and speaker. Tinker with a variety of buttons, buzzers, sensors and switches to navigate a series of Minecraft-themed challenges, all intended to teach you the essentials of computer… Read More »

3D images of Syrian archaeological treasures set to go online

3D reconstructions of some of Syria’s most spectacular archaeological sites will go online Tuesday after a big push to digitalise the war-torn country’s threatened heritage. French digital surveyors have been working with Syrian archaeologists to map some of the country’s most famous monuments after Islamic State jihadists sparked international outrage by blowing up two temples… Read More »

AMD, Nvidia evenly matched in The Division, first game-ready Nvidia drivers problematic

Ubisoft’s The Division launched yesterday, with a raft of server problems and at least one report of hilarious, doorway-related griefing (hilarious if you aren’t trying to play, at least). Performance issues, however, don’t seem to be among the game’s problems. Data from PCGames Hardware shows AMD and Nvidia trading shots across the spectrum. While the overclocked… Read More »

Seagate unveils PCIe x16 SSD with 10GB/s bandwidth at Open Compute Summit

The Open Compute Summit is a yearly meeting of the Whose Who of the data center world. It’s put on by the four-year-old Open Compute Project, and serves as a platform for both sharing data center hardware designs and showcasing new products. This year, Seagate is demonstrating PCI Express-based SSDs capable of up to 10GB/s… Read More »