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Apple FBI Standoff Stretches Into Week Two

Apple on Monday called for the creation of a government panel to help resolve a standoff between the company and the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the issue of national

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The FBI’s iPhone Problem: Tactical vs. Strategic Thinking

I’m an ex-sheriff, and I’ve been in and out of security jobs for much of my life, so I’ve got some familiarity with the issues underlying the drama between the

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Defends Resistance in FBI iPhone Case

Apple CEO Tim Cook got a standing ovation Friday at his first stockholder meeting since his company’s epic clash with the FBI unfolded. He defended the company’s unbending stance by

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iPhone SE, 9.7-Inch iPad Pro to Launch on March 21

Apple is expected to hold its first public event of the year during the week of March 21. The Cupertino-based company will reportedly utilise this supposed small-scale event to announce

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Apple Recruits Developer of Secure Messaging App Signal

An undeterred Apple continues to put efforts on ramping up security and privacy aspects of its products and services. The latest testament of this comes in a hire that Apple

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Apple Bricks Ethernet Port on Some Macs With OS X Update, Here’s How to Fix It

If your Mac isn’t connecting to the Internet, you can blame Apple for that. The Cupertino-based company has admitted that a recent update to the operating system rendered the Ethernet

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