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Best free Android apps for downloading free music

All of these apps can download files for free. However, you should remember that just because something’s available as a free music download, it doesn’t mean it’s there with the copyright owner’s permission. There are loads of free music downloads on pirate sites and you can be sure they’re not there legally, so always ensure you have Creative Commons or Copyleft permission before downloading MP3s.… Read More »

Why Android users hate apps

Why so little money? The question of why Android users pay, on average, less for apps than iOS users is relatively easy to answer. An iPhone is a very expensive device, meaning Apple owners are more likely to have more disposable income. Android users with lower-end devices may have less money to throw around or might… Read More »

Best music player apps for Android

Pulsar Music Player This a gorgeous, Material Design music player that lets you browse your music by folders, albums, genre or artists. It’s packed with all the essential features, as well as some more unusual ones, including built-in support, automatic artwork download, built-in tag editing, a variety of themes, and smart playlists. The free… Read More »

Facebook at Work: What is it?

Simplicity that makes your job easier Imagine having the simplicity and familiarity of Facebook messaging and sharing at work. It would make things at the office much smoother. It would be easier for you do your job because disconnected communication systems aren’t tripping you up. New employees would need less training because they are already familiar with Facebook and… Read More »